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About “As Ever”

I was so fortunate to have all four of my wonderful grandparents in my life well into adulthood. Each one of them strongly influenced the woman I am and the life I live. The name “As Ever Photography” is an acknowledgement of their lasting presence in my life and my gratitude for what I learned from them. Evelyn, my maternal grandmother, was the sun in our family’s solar system. She taught us all so much about the value of family and of  laughing and singing and dancing as much as possible. When I reflect on the relationships and emotions I would like to capture and convey with my images, I think of her.

When it came time to choose a name for my business, I was reminded of the signature she used in correspondence: “As Ever, Evelyn”. It was only two words, but the sentiment they conveyed was so lovely. No matter how much time has passed, my feelings for you remain unchanged. And so it is with photographs: The passing of time cannot change what was felt at the very moment the shutter opened and captured life. I know she would be happy to be part of my everyday endeavor to see light and laughter and love.

as ever,





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